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Baeumels maiden album threads a fine line between club and living room. Like a well-designed podcast. Vapour works in many life situations. It is a cleverly crafted and timeless piece of listening techno. providing the kind of fluidity that works wonderfully on a car stereo. your iPod or in afterhour situations. with enough horsepower under its hood to hold its own on the dancefloor.
“Vapour” is the debut album of producer and Trouw (Amsterdam) resident DJ Patrice Bäumel, known for previous releases on Get Physical, Trapez & !K7
The album steers clear of many clichés surrounding artist albums done by dj's in this day and age. Instead of delivering a collection of dancefloor singles or getting lost in awkward style experiments, Bäumel chooses a homogenic approach worthy of the album format. All tracks seemlessly flow into each other to form a meandering 54 minute trip. In spirit, “Vapour” is 100% techno, a continuous act of finding balance between contrasting elements of man vs machine. Abstract, precise rhythms and soundscapes form a dark, almost otherworldy backdrop to perfectly measured emotional outbursts. “Vapour” does not dictate what the listener is supposed to feel at any given moment but is a stimulant to his imagination, leaving plenty of room to “fill in the gaps”.

DJ / Press Quotes
DJ Sasha:
"Amazing album. Full support. Love 'Birth' and also 'Mito'."

Marc Romboy:
"Definitely one of my top 3 albums 2010!!!" 5/5

"Full support from my side, especially to 'Vapour' and 'Lovers', boths are great tracks that i keep playing those past few months."

Joris Voorn:
"Congrats with Patrice's debut album and the new label! Sounds wicked!!"

Sebo K:
"Great album. I'm a big fan of the headphone techno genre anyway!"

"Lovin 'Panic', 'Vapour' & 'To Insanity and Beyond'!"

"Patrice had send me the album 2 weeks ago. Great, love it!"

Brendon Moeller:
"Congrats to Patrice on a superbly produced debut. 'Sub', 'Vapour' and 'Lovers' my faves."

"Beautiful stuff here! Techno in the true sense loaded with melody, harmony and machine funk. Definitely digging this LP. Great start to the label!"
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