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A real go go funk vibe genious hip hop record. in a world where music is slowly getting killed by the human technology.
PATCHWORKS & THE REAL FAKE MC are back in the house after their first P.funk E.P " LIVE & SURVIVE " recorded 100% freestyle , from the lyrics to the music for 18 mn of pure P.funk sound . they are back with a Fresh new E.P : "HUNT YA SUNSHINE" . In this incredible record the crazy americain rapper from N.J ,THE REAL FAKE MC croons two of his favorite poems"HUNT YA SUNSHINE" and "MY OLD TURNTABLE" he wrote as songs,on the finest rare groove tracks of the amazing french producer PATCHWORKS (THE DYNAMICS / MR.PRESIDENT/ UP TOWN FUNK EMPIRE / M.J.A) these two talented musicians will take you back to the funky land of peace,unity love and having fun.

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