Orgasmic & Fuzati - GRAND SIECLE

Orgasmic & Fuzati
12" Vinyl lp FR
Les Disques Du Manoir / lddm02lp

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The return of the most cynic wordsmith of french rap. Fuzati (leader of Klub des Loosers) teams up with Orgasmic. former DJ of Klub des Loosers (from 2000 to 2001). member of TTC (2000 to 2007) and owner of Sound Pellegrino label.

“At the same time old-school and modern like your grand mother text message”, from the first phrase of the album the tone is set !
After a career of more than 15 years, Orgasmic and Fuzati are not really new comers and count on leaving their names written with great letters in this period. Period, this “Grand Siecle”, as a backdrop for this album, where Fuzati seems to shoot on almost everything that moves while often fire straight : “generation of illiterate who want to convince themselves that nothing is written” (Planetarium). Between an homage to photographer Gary Winogrand (Dernier Portrait) or an encouragement (!) to the youth “Welcome to the violence as an hymen in an orgy” (La Violence), the rappers are also hauled over the coals “It’s screwed up for the future, the proof : rappers host writing workshops”.
Orgasmic performs surgery production work, whether it is on the energetic “Synok” (Crazy) and his military brass, the melancholic “Nulle Part” (Nowhere) or the heady “Sac Vuitton” (Vuitton bag) with his synthetic layers. But, the co-founder of Sound Pellegrino’s electronic label ventures as well where he is not awaited, like the really bossa-nova “Corbillard” (Hearse).
We leave ‘Grand Siecle’ knocked out by the multitude of punchlines delivered every second but, also, with a big smile, as Fuzati says before finishing the album “I just want to have a bit of fun before the death meets me”.
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