Odd Nosdam



Stones Throw / lr068

12 inch lp
- A1: Bow They Will
- A2: Profane Bong Sue
- A3: Ten Echoes
- B1: Burrow
- B2: Center

Odd Nosdam AKA David Madson makes his second appearance on Leaving Records and greets 2016 with a breathtaking LP entitled Sisters. Throughout, Odd Nosdam splits his time between cosmic, slow burning beats and reflective soundscapes littered with intriguing textures and mind bending samples. Analogue sounds are generous and knowingly manipulated. Gorgeous samples are deployed, sturdy yet emotional. Cymbals explode. The vinyl LP includes a code for download of the full album plus bonus material.

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12 Inch LP
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Already a long revered figure in underground beats, in the last several years Odd Nosdam has been able to test his new productions on the world class sound system of Low End Theory. Much of Sisters was inspired by those room shaking sonics, so it is fitting that kindred spirit Teebs makes an appearance here in a dreamy collaboration.
Although Sisters contains plenty of absolute bangers, its quieter moments also stun with their hypnotic beauty. Madson writes of the inspiration for the title track, “or example, that moment when the sun finally breaks through on an overcast day, Sisters was very much inspired by that wonderful feeling… so that particular feeling - plus the longing for it - on top of 808s.”
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