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Produced & Mixed by Noah Georgeson My bubba (former My bubba & Mi) are a daringly sweet pair of Scandinavian ladies. whose songs are slow and easy. teasing and pleasing. After a soft start in American folk. they are now exploring the dance moves of more far-fetched and exotic inspirations - they just finished a record with producer Noah Georgeson holding both carnival rhythms. jungle poems and desert riding chants! All silky like. simple and melodic. with a sassy crunch.
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It all started a couple of years ago in Copenhagen, when Bubba, from Iceland, happened to move into My’s (Swedish) apartment. They started spending evenings together humming homely hymns, and soon found themselves in Italy making a record; the very lovely ‘How it’s done in Italy’. Since then they have been adventuring about and around, playing hundreds of club shows and festivals in Europe and USA. In 2011 they released single ‘Bob’, EP ‘Wild & You’ and the Japanese special edition of ‘How it’s done in Italy’. In their spare time, My works as a train driver, and Bubba is an adman.
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