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Is It Balearic? / IIBCOM 001

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After teaming up with Ene on the Journey EP and a Backwoods remix in 2010 it seemed like a perfect match to get together on the 5 year anniversary CD. Chida has always been a big supporter of Coyote and IIB having had them over to Tokyo a couple of times.
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A deserted Old Town. Clean stucco walls frame blue. Where sky meets ocean ain't so easy to tell. Sunlight jumps from wave to wave. The beat, a lazy pulse. Content to watch a while, take it all in. All this beauty. Clouds would catch the colours. A Mediterranean panorama. Millionaire's yachts and fisherman's launches. Anchored on Sapphire. A Disco train that runs on love. No sleep on a sleeper. Landscapes speed and change. We come in naked, and we go naked. Adventure lead me where thy will. From sands to a bandstand, and a fanfare for a childhood. A memory plays footie in the park. Big city lights rock on. Bowie's fame and fashion. Afro Balearic, Afro Cosmic. Hallucination engines. Tony Manero's tribal rites of new Saturday night. Drifting on Dub shores. The classically trained play a Blues. A Blues for a distance glimpsed in a rear view mirror, the impossible. A Blues for forward, always / only forward. '86 Amnesia. We were dancing to forget now we dance to remember. Disco me to ecstasy. '89 House nation. A second summer of it. Love and laughter in echo. Days in the trees. Reich. Rick asked if we wanted to go party. Electro spirituals, all dreaming of the biggest beach. Throwing stones, almost alone. Biting Tongues and Clock DVA. Industrial seduction. Sundown. Tuning up. A White Isle terrace, coming up. A breakbeat. Weatherall on the radio and Heavenly socials. A hard kiss. Black moon Motorik and sunset on a quiet harbour. NYC vibrations. Ginsberg's ghost. Russell's ghost. Standing in the light of a miracle. Liquid Liquid. Chk! Chk! Chk! Spoons full of leather and Peyote buttons. A canyon on fire. A Lovefingers lullaby to take you home. Pili Pili percussion and Smokeblech chords. The Unknown Cases. Ma simba belle. Hari Hari Hari. Whatever else your faith demands. Cast your eyes like summer skies. From Goa to Bangalore by taxi. The seed for Is It Balearic? Was sown at Venus, in Nottingham, at the start of the 1990s. Venus was a club that formed an important part of the then "Balearic Network". A network that linked party-spirited souls throughout the UK, "legends" such as Back To Basics in the North with their likeminded counterparts at soirees such as Flying in the South. It was a time of "cultural exchange", coach trips and weekenders. Timm & Ampo, as residents at Venus, spent the '90s travelling up and down the country DJing at venues and events such as The Gardening Club, Stealth, Sabresonic, Ministry Of Sound, Club UK, and Voodoo. After over a decade of DJing together, the two friends formed Coyote in 2004, to produce music. Then in 2007, Is It Balearic? Recordings was born, initially with the humble aim of making their own productions available to the public. Since then Timm & Ampo, and Is It Balearic? have established a new Balearic Network, extending out from the UK to Portugal, Italy, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Norway, Belgium, New York, Ibiza, and Japan. As artists and label owners they've handled releases and remixes from and for Tiago, Max Essa, Justin Robertson, Mudd, Mushrooms Project, Giulio DJ, Aihki, Rompante, Phil Mison, Pete Herbert, The Project Club, Pharao Black Magic, Rune Lindbaek, Aeroplane, Steve Proctor, Andrew Weatherall, Hardway Bros, Phoreski, Craig Bratley, Pacific Horizons, Time & Space Machine, Prins Thomas, The Backwoods, Last Waltz, Begin, Man Power, Charles Webster, Soft Rocks, Chris Coco, Connan Moccasin, International Feel, RVNG Intl., Tusk, and Claremont 56, and collaborated with Moonboots and Jason Boardman on Aficionado
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