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When Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson founded Minilogue in 2000. it was not only a musical project but also a visual one. From the beginning. the two musicians thought animals to be the front for Minilogue. These animals do not actually exist. they are imaginary animals. As they appear on Minilogues record sleeves. they merge elements of all different animals together: there is a donkey with a trunk of an elephant or a mouse with the horns of a deer. With >Animals – The Movie<. Minilogues visual world comes fully into existence. The 80-minute-long DVD is created by Hinge Design from New Zeeland and a couple of other visuals artists. Two segments by Kristofer Ström were released as a preview: >Hitchhikers Choice< had more than three million views on YouTube. The rhythm of the whole movie is defined by its quiet camera motions. With its countless images and movements. the films put us in a detached position. We watch the world around us like scientists. This remoteness enables us to experience its beauty to its full extent. >Animals – The Movie< manages to combine the repetitive collages of club visuals with the subtleties of video art. It is for sure one of the most ambitious visualisations of todays electronic music. It will appear as well on the TV in your living room as in your favourite club
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