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Metamorfozy are Rune Lindbæk and Oyvind Blikstad. who individually have been moving mountains in the Norwegian –here we go again- disco scene. However. as Metamorfozy the duo pursues the art of soundtrack composition that reminisce of Brian Eno. Royksopp (on their Senior album). and a -light- version of Air. Decasia has become a collection of classically structured and highly cinematic works packed with symphonic melodies. opera-styled elements and vibes that switch from deeply melancholic to everything-is-gonna-be-alright themes. Tunes such as the dubby Towlines (a lovely piece of pop melancholica with Erlend Oye-esque vocals). the Trentemoeller-flavored Fata Morgana and the western-opera on Revada add an upbeat touch to the overall. while cuts such as the psychedelic but exceptionally beautiful In Those Breaths. the piano-only Ivalo and Of A Time Passed By crawl right under the skin with their intense. melodramatic bits of blues coated in an electronic form. It is in these moment that we truly get to hear the duos undeniable skills for creating breathtaking music.
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