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Moon Harbour / MHR0122

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MASSIVE NEW ALBUM !!Supported by: Radio Slave. Karotte. NicFanciulli. Sebo K. Federico Molinari.M.A.N.D.Y.. Audiofly. Matthew Styles.Sety. Patrick Chardronnet. Simon Baker. Jimpster. Delete. Andre Galluzzi. Fabrizio Maurizi. Justin Drake. Clive Henry. Nick Curly...
Supported by: Radio Slave, Karotte, Nic
Fanciulli, Sebo K, Federico Molinari,
M.A.N.D.Y., Audiofly, Matthew Styles,
Sety, Patrick Chardronnet, Simon
Baker, Jimpster, Delete, Andre Galluzzi,
Fabrizio Maurizi, Justin Drake, Clive
Henry, Nick Curly,..Throughout his career Martin Schwanstein, aka Martinez, has experienced quite a few musical paradigm shifts. And he is certainly not the only one in the techno scene who has done so. Many of his fellow musicians also started, over time, focussing more on certain forms of techno and house music. In the case of Martinez it was a shift from deep house to minimal techno and finally to his current dance-floor house sound. Yet you never get the feeling that Martinez is just jumping on the bandwagon. When his first record, >Momomowha …<, was released on Moon Harbour in 2008 the house revival had just started. Martinez instantly managed to establish his own little niche.
After 3 EPs and a co-production with label boss Matthias
Tanzmann, Martinez has established himself on the label’s
roster of musicians and represents Moon Harbour at label
parties all over the world. When seeing Martinez deejaying, his many years of experience become obvious. He simply knows how to set a club on fire. >The Paradigm Shift< is already Martin’s third album. It is unique in having mastered the balancing act between dance-floor rhythm and home-listening quality. His organic sound combines all elements like dense beats and jazzy chords - so well, the listener is convinced that all of these are cast from the same mould. Every now and then you get the feeling you are listening to a really old house record that was simply produced with 2010 technology. Funky and, always at just the right moment, explosive.
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