800% NDAGGA (LP + MP3)
800% NDAGGA (LP + MP3)


Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri-Jeri


800% NDAGGA (LP + MP3)

nd06lp (68290)

12 inch lp + mp3
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1. gawlo ft. baaba maal
2. xale
3. ndeye gueye ft. doudou ndiaye rose
4. dafa nekh
5. casamance ft. ale & khadim mboup
6. sama yaye ft. mbene diatta seck
7. bamba ft. ale & khadim mboup, mbene diatta seck
8. daguagne

Jeri-Jeri is the collaboration between the renowned Berlin based producer Mark Ernestus and a griot clan of Sabar drummers from Kaolack in Senegal, led by Bkane Seck, along with guest Mbalax musicians and vocalists - including mainstays of the bands of Baaba Maal, Youssou N Dour and other top Senegalese artists.
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12 Inch LP + MP3
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Aficionados of cutting edge world music and underground dance will have noted Ernestus’s remixes of Afrobeat legend Tony Allen and Kinshasa rockers Konono No 1, and his co-compilation (with Honest jon’s) of the critically acclaimed Shangaan Electro showcase. On the quiet though, he has become increasingly hooked on Mbalax wih its hyper-vivid Sabar and talking-drum workouts, and ultra-repetative. sick, sequencer-like Marimba synths. In early 2011 he travelled to Senegaland the Gambia in search of original recordings. Through an unlikely set of coincidences, he ended up working in the legendary Dkar studio former known as Xippi, with more than twenty of the findest musicians in the country. 800% Ndagga and Ndagga Versions present the results on two albums, splitting vocals and instrumentals; a masterful style of Mbalax, heady and hard groving, with high complex, fiercely succinct poly-rhythms; an ancient-futuristic music, mesmeric but sharp as nails, super charged with drama.
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