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Marbert Rocel spend most of their time looking out of the window and smoking. Then they make music. someone draws for a while. and they soon go back to looking out of the window and making music. Marbert Rocel are twinkle-toed. and yet hardly tangible when you try to grasp them. They combine dance music with songs. songs with cookies and. in turn. cookies with dance music.Therefore. Marbert Rocel spent a lot of time touring – playing gigs in Germany. Holland. Italy. Poland. indoors. outdoors. on the roof. in the cellar. in small groups. in front of many people. and in front of very many people.
Marbert Rocel life in a flat share in Leipzig. The sound of a kick resounds daily. Sometimes, four guys are sitting in four different rooms and tweaking four different Tracks. On rare occasions you can hear the piano sounding from the flat below. »This wonderfully describes the musically-familiar atmosphere we life in.« On account of this, Marbert Rocel have been with Buki Good since 2011. A small booking agency from Leipzig. In Leipzig, everything is just ́round the corner. Even their own Studio wich have a little lake and a mountain, onto which they can climb when they need some time off. This is where their new album small hours came into being. The album deals with the all too human abiding themes of love, lonesomeness, a sore throat or disappointment, and describes a progression from the early evening hours to the early morning hours. The time in which one reflects, dances, whines or simply smokes and looks out of the window.

Marbert Rocel formed in 2002 in a flat share in Erfurt, in the first floor of a shady establishment. It started off with DJ Malik, who was DJing rap and producing, and Panthera, who at this time was still washing his laundry at his parent’s house. Together they built beats, and presented several radio shows at open radio channels in Weimar and Erfurt. These usually consisted of them introducing their two favorite songs from Chat Baker and Taktloss (german rap artist) with brittle voices. At this time Malik had a small Studio at Zughafen, Erfurt. In this colorful house they produced their first two albums: Speed Emotions (2007) and catch a bird (2009). And there they even get in contact witch Lotus Lumina, the guys, that doing the Lightshow for Marbert Rocel. Through interstellar destiny, Spunk eventually moved into the Zughafen. She recorded the vocals of her first Song in her pajamas – the harder they come.

»In 2007, we burnt a couple of songs onto a CD, attached it to a painted piece of wood, and sent it to Compost Records, our label. We try to make a lot things ourselves, or with the help of our friends. We like to use things that spontaneously come to hand. Our drums consist of a couch, a chest and a 1L wine glass. Our light showconsists of old street lights from Leipzig, and we make our artwork ourselves, as well as our videos, mixes, etc…the only thing we have difficulty with is tying our shoe laces – that seems to be jinxed!«.
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