Manuel Goettsching

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Right From The Beginning Of Track One 77 Slightly Delayed You Just Know That This Is Going To Be Something Special. Manuel Wastes No Time In Setting Up A Great Syncopated Backing. Then The Guitar Comes In - And What Guitar! Clean. Precise And Wonderfully Effected. Ok. Yes I Am A Fan And Have Been For Over Twenty Years. So Its A Joy To Pull This Album From The Shelves In Order To Write This Review. Manuel Manages To Mesh His Rhythm And Lead Playing So Well. The Rhythm Being One Of Those Classic And Perfect Sounds. This Isnt One Of Those Guitar Improv Work-outs. The Listener Is Left In No Doubt That Manuel Meant To Play Every Note He Played. Track Two Midnight On Mars. Ah - My Favourite Ashra Track Ever. Its Midnight On Mars And Im There Right Alongside Him. Again Manuel Sets Up The Lead Line Perfectly With His Mix Of Synths. Drum Machine (wasnt It The Classic Eko Rhythm Computer?) And Wicked Guitar. This Particular Melody Has Lived In My Brain Since The First Moment I Heard It. Twenty Plus Years Ago. In Fact. Everyone Ive Ever Played This Track To Has Commented On It. Manuel Should Be Praised For Creating One Of The Most Sublime Guitar Moments Ever To Be Recorded. I Think Im Gushing Here. Still What The Hell. This Track Is Worth It. Track Three Dont Trust The Kids Isnt Letting Up. A Bass Sequence Brings In The Piece. This Is Soon Joined By Subtle Percussion And A Very Well-crafted Rhythm Guitar. Manuel Certainly Gets An Amazing Rhythmic Feel. The Lead Line Isnt Far Behind. This Time Two Guitars Playing In Harmony. Ive Never Been Really Sure Whether Or Not Thats A Guitar Synth. Its The Right Time For The Early Roland Gr500 And I Believe Edgar Froese Was Using One At About This Time As Well. The Lead Is Given Over To A Nicely Distorting Guitar. Again Manuel Really Means Every Note Hes Playing. A Superb Bit Of Programming Moves The Whole Piece Into Double-time. And Track Four Blackouts. He Isnt Even Breaking Into A Sweat. This Is Fantastic!
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