Malik B. & Mr. Green - UNPREDICTABLE

Malik B. & Mr. Green
12" Vinyl lp US
Green Music / GMG004

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With his popular Live From The Streets web series (Noisey/Vice). Mr. Green has forged a reputation for harnessing the serendipitous musical moments that arise from life’s chance encounters with talented musicians. So when he had one of those encounters with The Legendary Roots Crew emcee. Malik B. outside of The Roots’ Annual Picnic in 2012. it made perfect sense that they would turn a brief moment of mutual inspiration into a full-fledged collaborative album.
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Malik B and Mr. Green’s collaborative album, Unpredictable, is an appropriate title for the 13-track journey through the kind of handcrafted hip-hop created when two skilled musicians come together to capture the mystique that unpredictably arrives during the recording process. “Malik would show up at the studio with a garbage bag of rhymes and go through them. Some of them were old and weathered, literally falling apart,” describes Mr. Green. “Then he would just start recording the song in one take: intro, verses,
chorus. It was nothing like I’d seen before.” Although recording Unpredictable was chaotic at times, the duo’s chemistry is undeniable. Malik adds, “Our chemistry is just crazy, our chemistry is like algebra.
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