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After a handful of smashing remixes. compilation features and solo EP on Nang Records. Lusty Zanzibar returns to the fold with a cracking full-length titled >Find A Way<.
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After a handful of smashing remixes, compilation features and solo EP on Nang Records, Lusty Zanzibar returns to the fold with a cracking full-length titled 'Find A Way.'

The first track, ‘Feeling' (taken from his preceding EP) is a spaced out exercise in immersive square-wave programming, reminiscent of the pre-internet computer gaming age when colours were 8-bit.'Yeah' follows, and it's a superb excursion in romanticised 80's synthesis, with a sultry vocal from Muneerah, which flits in and out of the arpeggios beautifully.

'Luminous Motion' is exactly that, with its sharp staccato riffs punctuating it's lucent heart. Muneerah's vocal talent returns in 'In My Life,' which is a sexy slo-mo number that brings the vibe down a gear. On the other hand, 'Girls From Zanzibar' is a pumped up vocoder journey, the beats are solid and the synth work is pleasantly understated for our man Lusty.

'For My Friends' is an instrumental Arp ditty, with vibrato accents and sparse robotic groans. The mood is then charged once again with Muneerah's charm in 'Don't Stop On The Beat,' which is real favorite here at Nang towers. 'On Our Way To Bliss' plucks and rolls it's way in and out of shuffled rhythms and decorative synths, followed by 'You Jealous Now,' which erupts with melodious 80's themes and a catchy vocal lick.

'Your Soul Has Got Desire' slinks along with a walking bassline and intricate percussion, leading into the final outing: 'I walk Into The Night,' which powers down with a vivid spectrum of crisp synth lines amalgamating into a melancholic breakdown, all repeating to the outro.

All in all, it’s a hyper-colourful full length from our man Lusty Zanzibar, and something we’re very proud of. Nang, out!
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