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Moon Harbour / MHR0112

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After Moon Harbours first artist album. the much commended >Restless< by Matthias Tanzmann in spring 2008. comes the long-awaited >Hello from Planet Earth< by Luna City Express!

1. All on board (Intro)
2. Diamonds & pearls
3. Celebration of life
4. Orange soft-cake
5. Mr. Jack
6. Plata
7. Dream in Berlin
8. Floripa
9. Time & space
10. Parish fair
11. MS Gera
12. Heavens gate
13. Magic bubbles

After Moon Harbour’s first artist album, the much commended “Restless” by Matthias Tanzmann in spring 2008, comes the long-awaited 'Hello from Planet Earth' by Luna City Express!
Marco Resmann and Norman Weber have been an integral part of the Moon Harbour inner circle from the very beginning, and have made themselves indispensable during the last four years as a DJ and Producer duo - consummate purveyors and subtle innovators of house. In the last few years the duo has forged quite a distinctive sound and their first album shows off the various facets of their love for this music, by keeping the balance between classic house with its US American roots and contemporary European developments.
“Hello from Planet Earth” is an eclectic work which displays the essence of their sound - the key being the shape and ease of funk, a high musicality and a cheeky sense of humor. Tracks which brim with this classic Luna City Express style house sound are “Celebration Of Life”, “Dream In Berlin”, “MS Gera”, “Mr. Jack” and “Parish Fair”, all filled with depth, organic funk and the right drive for the best hours in the club. In these tracks the Berlin-Chicago axis is clearly apparent, all done with the right amount of reverence while still looking to the future.
The album also delves further into an unseen side of the duo: introverted, dense tracks, inspired by Dub and Downbeat, like “Plata”, “Heaven’s Gate”, “Time & Space” or “Orange Softcake”. The short interludes, „Floripa“ and „Magic Bubbles“, 2 experimental ambient tracks, connect the dots and complete the package.
With “Hello from Planet Earth”, Luna City Express have really come into their own, and the result is a more impressive sound than ever - reflecting both their respect and passion for house music.
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