VOL.3 (CD)
VOL.3 (CD)


Luke Viberts Nuggets


VOL.3 (CD)

Lo Recordings

With releases to his credit on labels such as Warp Records, Rephlex, Planet-Mu and Ninja Tune, its fair to say that Luke Vibert knows a thing or two about electronic music. Now he returns to Lo Recordings for the third installment of his acclaimed Nuggets series, this time delving into the archive of the Bruton Music Library to unearth some of the production music studios choice moments.

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Founded by KPM’s Robin Phillips in 1977, Bruton Music represented a
significant break from the till now established mores of the library music
industry. Moving away from the generic sleeves of much ‘library music’,
Bruton presented its catalogue in a series of beautifully designed, colour
coded sleeves and eschewing neo-classical compositions for synthesizer
heavy sonic miniatures, it had exotic, vibrant music to match.
Featuring the work of some of the industry’s leading composrs, such as
Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett and Francis Monkman, ‘Nuggets Vol. 3’
brings together 26 gems with titles such as ‘Bass Drive’, ‘Macrochip’ and
‘Galaxy (I’m The Ruler)’. Packed full of Sci-fi funk jams, truly cosmic disco
and robot rock this was music designed to soundtrack the future, or at least
a bright and optimistic early eighties vision of what the future might be.
Almost impossible to find in their original formats, ‘Nuggets Vol. 3’ is an
invaluable resource for sample spotters, beat diggers and anyone who
thinks that it’s 2013 and we really should be driving hover cars and disco
dancing in orbit round the moon by now.

1. Bass Drive - Frank Mcdonald,Chris Rae,Gerry Shury,Barry De Souza
2. Fuel Injection - Alan Hawkshaw
3. New Technology - Francis Monkman
4. The Prowler - Brian Bennett
5. Dank - Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
6. Daredevil - Francis Monkman
7. Speedbird - Jeremy Lubbock
8. In Close Harmony- Adrian Baker & Roy Morgan
9. Motion 1-8 - Trevor Bastow
10. Silicone Chip - Irving Martin & Brian Dee
11. Making The Action - Irving Martin & Brian Dee
12. Pacewaved - Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
13. Macrochip - Les Hurdle & Thorir Baldursson
14. Current Affairs - Francis Monkman
15. Discovery - Brian Bennett
16. Beach Journey - Alan Hawkshaw
17. Full Blast - Jeremy Lubbock
18. Mini Micro - Alan Hawkshaw
19. Energy - Irving Martin & Brian Dee
20. Action Underscore - Irving Martin & Brian Dee
21. Soft Throttle - Alan Hawkshaw
22. Getting Ready - Francis Monkman
23. Galaxy (I'm The Ruler) - Bill Campbell & Aaron Harry
24. Scratch City - James Asher
25. Freshman - Adrian Baker & Roy Morgan
26. Think Big - Francis Monkman
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