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Last Man Crooning comes with an extra cd >Elektrotaining You<. which is basically the album remixed by Rodion. Christopher Just. Acid Washed. Eric D Clark. Phonique and more.
LAST MAN CROONING - LAST CROONER STANDING He´s a wild thing this Louie Austen, a lonesome cowboy and straying tomcat always looking for new adventures to come his way. Without any compromises and aware of all risks, for Louie each and every day is an opportunity to put new ideas into effect. Being one of the last fellows of the endangered “crooner” species & after 40 years in showbiz, he´s a timeless rolemodel and elder statesman for old & young, glowing with confidence and full of power. Louie Austen´s appeal is a kind of reconciliation - he´s a bridge between the old and the new, the young and the old folks. 10 years ago Louie´s leaped from thriving as an enigmatic night club crooner to one of the most exhilarating performers electronic music has to offer and this being in his 60s. His oevre is as diverse as it can get: He enchants folks with his songs at the Wiener Burgtheater in a Nestroy play adaption, he´s been featured in the Oscar-winning Rudowitzky movie “The Counterfeiters"and then wham bang change of scenery - you´ll find him onstage of a smoky hip Berlin underground electro club. One has a hard time trying to pin Louie Austen down and limit him to one musical genre so you better not try this, Jack! With the long-awaited new double album “Last Man Crooning / Electrotaining You!” , the follow-up to “Iguana” from 2006 , Louie Austen and his producers been immensely inspired by James Bond, the power of funk & soul and epic-ness in general. Beyond the seemingly lightness & illusiveness of human being / being human there´s this neverending love for music ("Without A Song"), the singer / performer profession and the passion for women ("My Lady"), people and other cities ("Paris"). This time Louie got a lot of his lyrics from backflashes of his lively past when in the 70s & 80s he´d been living in Southern Africa, Australia and the US of A. As if one silvery disc was not enough there´s a CD2 awaiting you with electrotainment deluxe.
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