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Pressure Sounds / pslp0009

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Repressed! This compilation features some of those ticked rarities from the Black Ark dating from the mid-seventies.
The seventies productions of Lee Perry are amongst the most sought after Roots Reggae records. These days it is easier to locate his sixties output than his work of a decade later when only a handful of the precious biscuits arrived on these shores. To procure these 7 inch gems it was helpful to know a shipment was on its way, be on the spot when it arrived, and make your decision quickly - as you were likely to be jostling with a counter-full of addicts besotted with the offerings from the mind and fingers of the Upsetter. These recordings were mainly on Jamaican 7 inch pre-release and therefore there was little opportunity to get hold of the tune if you missed your first chance. Twenty years later such records still surface in specialist reggae auctions and set sales at prices which have rapidly outstripped inflation. With no reference catalogues for guidance, any knowledge of Perrys treasure was largely by word of mouth, so many great tunes were found on labels not known to be associated with his music.
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