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At this point, Lee Fields has become a household name throughout the deep funk community and beyond. He has steadily worked with Truth & Soul for his upcoming full length The Many Moods Of... to be released in May 09, and he has appeared on Sharon Jones and various Daptone recordings, as well as a slew of worldwide hits from the French house producer Martin Sourvegin

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A quick rundown: Lee was born and raised in the small town of Wilson, North Carolina,one of 4 children. He spent his adolescence years singing in church and listening to R&B Artists such as James Brown, The Temptations, Eddie Floyd, Otis Redding and the classic sound of 60's Memphis. He joined a few racial balance groups in the South and began playing college circuits that included East Carolina University, Duke University and Georgia Tech. By the late sixties, Lee began his singing career, working with bands which would lay the foundation for funk music including Kool and the Gang, Sammy Gordon and the Hip-Huggers, and Little Royal.

Renowned throughout the global Funk community, Lee Fields has poured his grunts and screams over a legacy of funk and soul hits from the early seventies, including such 45 rpm classics as She’s a Lovemaker, The Bull is Coming, and The Funky Screw, not to mention his well sought after Let’s Talk It Over LP. This LP draws four digit bids from collectors worldwide. His recordings with the hard funk purists at TRUTH & SOUL, Desco, and Daptone Records in recent years has solidified his place as the King of contemporary funk music as well.

The first installment in Truth & Soul's Soul Fire Series, The Lee Fields classics "Problems" and "Honey Dove" from the "Problems" LP are presented as a 45rpm. "Problems" is a hard-hitting soul masterpiece that has been sampled by J Dilla for Phat Kat's song, "My Label". "Honey Dove" is a ballad off the "Problems" record that has since been re-worked for the upcoming album "The Many Moods Of..."
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