Laid Back
Brother Music / BMCD001

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Cosmic Vibes
Slow Friday
Ultramarine Blues
Yellow Sunday
These tracks were recorded when the term chill-out music was coming into being. Our record company back then thought the music too different from our well-known style. but we found it perfect for relaxing and painting.
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Actually we had begun painting pictures as a part of making music. But also as an excuse to get away from a music business giving us a hard time. We found this music to be healing us and giving us pleasure. Even though we got quite a positive feedback when it was the soundtrack for our painting exhibition at Galleri Projekt, Copenhagen 2001, these tracks went back on the shelf. At the time, Laid Back was working on the album “Happy Dreamer", where “Slow Friday” and “Blue Lagoon” appears in different versions. Recently we listened to the music again, and, like good wine, we believe it has only got better from being stored on a shelf for 14 years before being released. We hope that you will enjoy listening to it.
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