Kutiman - 6AM

coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK
Siyal Music / SYL002

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Many know Kutiman for his tremendous and innovative YouTube mash up project. ThruYOU. while others may recognize him for his 2007 acclaimed jazz/funk debut EP. or from his honorable mention in TIME Magazine’s 50 best inventions of 2009. Over the past few years. Kutiman has travelled to Krakow. Jerusalem. Tokyo. Riga. Tel Aviv and New York. to create original audio/visual montages of each city’s atmosphere. Above all. Kutiman is a unique. soulful and organic musician who enjoys creating music under a wide range of styles. The first official album release off Kutiman’s own label Siyal Music will be kicked off with the much anticipated ‘6AM’. This follows Kutiman s 2015 critically acclaimed funk and freeform jazz/afro beat EP ‘Space Cassava’ released on Siyal Music and his 2007 debut album ‘Kutiman’ released on Melting Pot. Pressing on translucent vinyl. housed in a full colour jacket with original artwork by Kutiman.

The new album really does prove Kutiman has no musical boundaries; it is an album filled with psychedelic Rock n’ Roll roots, which dips into deep funk/soul grooves and even adds underlying influences from Africa and the Middle East.
‘6AM’ stands as Kutiman’s most song oriented outing to date, with strong melodies and unforgettable hooks accompanied by lush and rich orchestral sounds. One thing that unites all of Kutiman’s projects is that uncommon, low-key inventiveness that is responsible for making him a significant name on the world stage. Kutiman is involved with every step of the creative process, from playing and recording multiple instruments, designing original cover art, to last legs of production.
Pitchfork describes Kutiman’s sound as “a psyched-up groove monster that can't decide between vintage and modern and instead just has it both ways”, a quote which undeniably fits his sound.
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