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Best known as one half of minimalist dubstep duo Vexd. Jamie Teasdale. aka Kuedo. eschews the menacing wobble basslines hes renowned for in favor of a cinematic analog synth-led sound inspired by the proggy ambient scores of Vangelis and Mike Oldfield for his debut album. Severant.
There are still traces of his 140-bpm past, such as the mellow R&B-tinged closer -Memory Rain,- which combines spacious elasticized percussion with a chopped-up but soulful rare vocal, and -Flight Path,- which borrows the bassline from the end credits of Blade Runner to produce a slightly sinister acid house throwback. But anyone expecting a speaker-blasting affair should look elsewhere, as its 15 instrumental tracks, which are awash with shimmering crystalline synth pads, disjointed old-skool hip-hop beats, and slow-burning melancholic melodies, certainly arent designed for a party environment. Admittedly, these immersive soundscapes take some time to reveal their charms, as other than the hypnotic -Scissors,- which combines frenetic hi-hats, helicopter-style sound effects, and a twinkling refrain of what appears to be Carly Simons -Why,- theres very little in the way of instantly memorable hooks. But while there are occasional lapses into self-indulgence, such as the meandering squelchy funk-tinged -Salt Lake Cuts- and the two pointless interludes (-As We Lie Promising,- -Shutter Light Girl-), the albums futuristic and textured style of electronica eventually reaps its rewards, whether its the dystopian ambience of -Seeing the Edges,- the skittering Aphex Twin-esque -Whisper Fate,- or the beautifully kaleidoscopic -Vectoral.- An intriguing sonic experience from start to finish, Severant is a bold left-field first offering from an artist whos quickly establishing himself as the intelligent dance scenes -one to watch-.
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