Kan Kick aka Kan Zulu
3x12" Vinyl D

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An intriguing and surprisingly deep album from West Coast producer Kankick. Responsible for the beats on the album. the instrumentals between tracks work magically. creating a good mix between beats and lyrics for an album intended to showcase his production skills. Lots of jazzy compositions here. complete with trumpets. classical guitars. flutes. organs. rolling basslines. and some classy MCs. The Visionaries. Krondon. Planet Asia. Declaime. Phil da Agony. Dr. Oop. and Wildchild from Lootpack all drop verses.3LP tribute limited edition of his first album with exclusive instrumental versions and bonus material.

1. Kan Intro
2. Live As It Gets feat. Medaphoar & Oh No
3. The 900's feat. Kubiq & Shake
4. Kanstrumental N1
5. Love Hardcore (Underground) feat. Declaime
6. A Sight For Sore Evyes feat. Visionaries, Scratches - Rhettmatic
7. Kanstrumental N2 (Silvery Moon)
8. The Finer Things feat. Dr. Oop
9. Don't Fight That feat. Krondon, Montage One, Phil Da Agony & Planet Asia
10. Kanstrumental N3
11. Deleting Programs feat. God's Gift
12. Kanstrumental N4 (Drunk Interlude)
13. Just Methods feat. Montage One
14. Kanstrumental N5 (Spiritual Dojo)
15. Toast To The Boogie feat. Declaime & Poppy (Mad Men)
16. Kanstrumental N6
17. On The Lookout feat. Kombo & Wildchild (Lootpack)
18. Kanstrumental N7
19. Rebel Music
20. Just Methods Kanstrumental
21. Deleting Programs Kanstrumental
22. Finer Things Kanstrumental
23. Rebel Music Kanstrumental
24. Love Hardcore Kanstrumental
25. Toast to the Boogie Kanstrumental
26. Kanstrumental N8
27. Kanstrumental N9
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