Julien Chaptal
12" Vinyl D
Intacto / intac043

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For our 43rd strike on Intacto Records. we welcome back JULIEN CHAPTAL. Internationally recognised for adding a French flavour to Amsterdams talented tech house generation. Parisian born Julien Chaptal soon settled down easily in the Dutch city with the charts becoming his second home. His debut album >Tokens< Remote Area took the techno scene by storm with its collection of dancefloor-oriented grooves and his follow up EP >Mamdaye< bridged the divide between classic house and modern tech house with its lead track becoming a mainstay for underground house spinners in 2009. Continuously inspiring the music scene with his fresh take on Tech House has not only ensured a glittering array of releases. but has also led him to remix for heavyweights such as Underworld and Jimmy Somerville.

ELEPHANTS ON A STRING: Percussive tingles and warm cascading grooves masterfully mesh to give the brazen trumpeted chords a smooth soundscape to splash on. They say elephants never forget, but we’ve heard ‘elephants on a string’ cannot be forgotten.

SEEM PHONY: Perky, punchy beats define the tempo while the layered melodies of glistening chords and chocolate rich vocals weave a musical tapestry that drives you deep and then raises your mood high above the feel good peaks.

TOP DOWN TOOL: Galloping chunks of bass riffs injected with electric jabs mash seamlessly to create this mesmerising tech house roller.
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