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Fania Records proudly presents the release of the deluxe 2-disc set entitled Hammock House: Africa Caribe. produced and mixed by the legendary Joaquin Joe Claussell. This project is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year for DJs. dance music fans and audiophiles alike. The project is a perfect marriage between old and new. a fresh take on classic sounds from the Fania archives. Late last year. Fania Records hand-delivered the original multi-tracks in a battered cardboard box to Joe Claussells NYC studio. What came to be was a project of ground-breaking magnitude. What you hear on Hammock House are more than mere remixes. Each track was approached and assembled differently. each on its own terms. As Joe says. >Some songs were edited. some were time-stretched...many parts were re-recorded...some new parts were recorded on top.< The first disc features nine classic Fania tunes from Lou Perez. Celia Cruz. Eddie Palmieri. Ray Barretto and more. all re-worked with the Joe Claussell touch (full track by track notes are on a separate page). Disc two is a live continuous mix by Claussell. but not like your average DJ mixing one track into another. Joes stated goal for the mix-CD was to create an epic journey that begins in the Motherland (Africa) and moves to New York. >I wanted to do a futuristic mix. where stories are being created with soundscapes and tapestries. and segues work as introductions to each story.< Never has the past sounded so present!
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