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Following his >No Camera< release. Giannis Papaioannou is back with his newproject. >You & Me< begins exactly where Giannis Papaioannous previousproject has left us. And if >No Camera< (KLIK Records. 2005) was described bynational and international Press ascthat kind of deep electronica no one expected tocbe born in Greecea. then >You & Me< can only be referred to a the perfect sequel of a vision without frontiers. At first with his reel to reel recorder. his analogue synthesizers and Brian Eno solely by his side. and then in full accord with anything significant that took place in the respective scenes of Berlin and Detroit. IONs electronica is the sort of music one may hear (and see!) when closing their eyes while being amidst the noisy downtown centre of a metropolis the sound of a never-ending summer a grand sound- and-vision spectacle having no need of cinemascope views or clearly distinguishable musical instruments in order to be released as a whole different movie at the private theatre of those who can still dream on. What IONs each new project expects from you is the inalienable human right of not having to explain.
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