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American Minimalism vs. African Drumming vs. European Sequencing HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS. the new electronic project by Stefan Schwander (aka Antonelli). combines the reduced serial structures of American minimalist music with African rhythms and European sequencing. Without any ideological agenda. the D³sseldorf-based musician blends gripping harmonic and rhythmic patterns to create an entirely new kind of club music. He conjures up hypnotic voodoo atmospheres - danceable. challenging. and melodically playful.
Stefan Schwander released the "Just Drifting" EP under the pseudonym HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS on London's Dreck Records in 2008, crossing Throbbing Gristle with the djembé. With the "On Stages" EP, released recently on the new Düsseldorf label Diskant, he formulated his intoxicating, sequencer-driven Afro-Industrial with more urgency and reaped bountiful applause from London to Berlin. Now ITALIC brings you "Talking", the debut LP by this Rhenish jack of all trades, who has never cared about trends and instead constantly explores new worlds of rhythm. Alongside the tracks from the "On Stages" vinyl EP, it includes four new pieces whose pulse is driven in equal parts by the rhythms of Africa and electronics of Europe.

In future HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS will also tour as a live band (Stefan Schwander, Marc Matter, Stefan Suhr), hitting the clubs with turntables, sequencers, effects and Afro-Cuban percussion and conjuring up enthralling trance states.
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