Grupo Oba-Ilu
2x12" Vinyl lp UK
Soul Jazz Records / sjrlp38

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Santeria was recorded in Havana. Cuba in 1997 and features Grupo Oba Ilu perfoming the sacred music of the Afro- Cuban religion Santeria. Recorded at a time when Cuba was first starting to work with western companies the music features songs for the Orishas performed on the sacred Bata Drums with choir.

Santeria is at the very root of all Afro-Cuban music. Many Afro-Cuban musicians are Santeros or followers of the religion: Francisco Aguabella, Patato, Milton Cardona to name just a few. Eleggua, Chango, Oshun, Yemaya are just some of the Gods of Santeria. All have different music and songs related to them and they are represented here on this LP. Each God (Orisha) also has famous attributes and folk tales of their own and this LP also contains specially commisioned short stories to accompany the music. Anyone who wants to trace back the roots of Latin and Salsa music from New York to Cuba and Africa should enjoy this LP.
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