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We are proud to present the first album released by Records. a special CD in an exclusive handmade case. making each copy a unique piece.
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An intense album composed by Italian duo Freewill during 90s and buried for a while, waiting to be discovered. 
A set of sounds and feelings written at dawn after an obscure rave in northern Italy. Melodic compositions for never ending dreamers, pastoral electronica in pastel shades ready to enter into your heart and mind.
Music with no barriers, deep and very personal, you can find your desire for freedom and inner peace and be lost in the warmth of its analog sounds and sophisticated rhythms starting with ambient music, passing through breakbeat, IDM and Chill Out atmospheres.
A journey into memories, an endless moment of self-indulgence.
Freewill are Maximiliano Faccio “Mog” and Dario Bedin “Dax”
Freewill – Quadrivium, limited CD album with handmade collector’s packaging, 200 copies only.
First 50 come also with a special artwork insert and will be released early February 2013.
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