Four Wheel Drive - FUSSIN & CUSSIN

Four Wheel Drive
FUSSIN & CUSSIN (7 inch)
7" Vinyl UK
Tramp / TR120

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Image of the Record Back Side

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Tramp celebrates its 5 year anniversary with Fussin and Cussin. the 20th release in its re issue series. The first re issue 7inch single on Tramp was NothinBut a Party by The Blenders. It was originally recorded in North Carolina in 1971. the same year as Four Wheel Drives Fussin and Cussin. During the early 1970s. Walter Grady was busy producing several bands. He also ran his own small. short lived labels such as Cobra. Grayslak. and Linco. the label on which Fussin and Cussin was released in August of 1971. Grady had some local success with bands such as The Electric Express. whose song. Its the Real Thing. was a local hit and thus one of the easier records to find today. Fussin and Cussin is exactly the opposite. it is probably the rarest and most sought after release on the Linco label.
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