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True People / TRUE0079

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The documentary film >Feiern< presents people whose nights don t stop for 72 hours. Their stories are about tenderness. excess. and self-destruction. About the search for happiness and the fear of being alone. The portrait in 19 conversations. 56 nights. and 13 tracks. >Feiern< shows them getting down – sweaty. dazed. deliriously happy. People who dedicate their lives tomusic. clubs and drugs talk about their experiences. They tell stories of self-destruction as well as tenderness. And every one of them is about the search for happiness: about that perfect moment of collective ecstasy. about the right record being played at the right time. about talking for eight hours to a complete stranger. who you adopt as your best friend – for the night. Or about how it feels to walk into a darkroom and become a mere piece of meat. to be used and use others.
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