Fangkiebassbeton ft. Fleur Earth - BACK 2 BACK

Fangkiebassbeton ft. Fleur Earth
12" Vinyl UK
Soulplex Recordings / spr12002

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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Fangkiebassbeton surprised a lot of people years ago with his Album releases >Volxfangk< & >Handkies met Musik< by ignoring the borders between Rap. Breaks. Disco & Electro and showed his perception of the future. Now the multi-talented heavywight once again hit the street with a mighty Discobreaksbanger. Meanwhile Fangkie is a proud father of two gorgeous children and designer with his own agency. named Kelsdesign. Anyway he got time & love for good music. as we do. This one is going to burn down every dancefloor.For the flipside. Fangkiebassbeton and Soulplex Recordings got a special delicacy: They put Repete and the rightly hyped Fleur Earth together. This two created a superb deephouse-remix with surprising and beautiful vocals. Repete is on the one hand. like Fangkie himself. a designer and on the other hand deeply in love with music. Already in the 90s he rocked the legendary Duala in Ravensburg (Germany) and did Remixes for Artists like Henrik Schwarz on his >Leave my Head Alone Brain< Track.Fleur and her Fleur Earth Experiment Album >Soul des Cabots< (Melting Pot Music) is the super hot new voice of the german soulscene.
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