Dublex Inc. ft. Sandhy San Doro
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Stuttgart based producers Dublex Inc are back with their first single release ?Shine? from the upcoming. second album Ph?nix. due to be released in September 2009. The quartet achieved their breakthrough back in 2001 featuring the club hit Tango Forte . which turned them into co-producers of Sugarbabe s hit Round Round . Three years later their first album Eight Ears appeared. One remix chasing another created a heavy workload for Dublex Inc. s studio. With singer Sandhy Son Doro. who has found a wider audience in Germany through Stefan Raab s casting show. a popular segment within one of Germanys most successful late night shows. Dublex Inc. heard the man. who was able to sing like Otis Redding or Wilson Pickett. and got in touch with him. Sandhy was immediately ready for collaboration. The resultin feel-good number Shine is simultaneously the opener and first single release of Phoenix . The song was created in sunny Ibiza. Music written while and for vacationing. Shine has all the ingredients to become the summer hit of the year. The Dynamics Remix which serves as the single s bonus provides even more summer feeling and transports the four guys from Stuttgart straight to Jamaica.
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