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Halocyan Records / PHC024

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L.A. experimentalists Halocyan continue to broaden their Originary Technicity series. which aims to performatively epitomize the technological augmentation of human intuitions and logics. with specific reference to modern electronic music. through the unlikely melding of diverse. conspicuous signifiers. from across the spectrum of this music s very short. but already rich history.
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With previous additions to the Originary Technicity series from Hackman remixed by Timo Maas and KiNK, as well as by Extrawelt remixed by Joey Beltram, Ulrich Schnauss, and VRIL, the next instalment continues to maintain Halocyan's ineffably high standards, and comes courtesy of Dosem.

The Spanish producer offers up his second contribution to Halocyan (the 1st being PHC019 - Dosem's Atica - remixes by DJ Pierre and Joey Beltram), and is backed up by a true luminary in LFO member Gez Varley, operating under his G Man guise, as Halocyan adds to a world class list of contributing artists.

Having released a slew of lauded 12's since 2007, the Suara and Tronic mainstay garnered his fervid following through pushing a raw and progressive sound. His latest offering expands his canon and holds true the same surging sense of energy that has propelled his esteemed catalogue thus far whilst also carrying a timeless quality that lends him perfectly to another record with Halocyan.

Air Hike kicks things off with a flexing underbelly swelling beneath airy hi-hats and circling vocal snippets. Luminous synth tones ring out before Explicit drives stepping, interweaved snares over bending stabs. A rousing breakdown gives way to an intense, quivering synth, before Artifact sets a sinister bass tone percolating beneath tight, clicking percussion and steadily galloping hats. Rhythmic variation in synth lines, and tough, persistent hats push progress on ahead of an elongated breakdown peppered with filtered breaks that gives over to rapturous effect.

Next up, G Man draws from years of experience spent at the apex of electronic music and pieces together his interpretation of Air Hike. Rich, fizzing hats are scattered over a full-bodied throb before the introduction of distant and hypnotic melodies. A taught and irresistible groove is laid flat whilst the careful manipulation of sparse elements showcases a true master at work as another solid coup for Halocyan is capped off.
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