Greatest Hits (CD)
Greatest Hits (CD)




Greatest Hits (CD)

Circus Company

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1. worm hunting
2. no more daddy
3. 1 gram
4. talk show
5. assurance vie
6. happy meal
7. l hopital la rue, la prison
8. u r
9. lacy lad
10. love ride
11. new york
12. final dive
13. 3 suitcases
14. deaf wagrant

Limited Nice Price Action >> Greatest Hits - The title is deliberately misleading: aside from the opening track, reprised from their first EP, this is all new material, and its a deeper, more deviant dOP than youve ever heard before.

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DOP.the Parisian trio of Clément , Dam, and JAW.have been on a tear since they burst upon the scene three years ago, riling dance floors with their strange, sexy, infectious brand of irreverently soulful house, and leaving writers scratching their heads at the same. Resident Advisor’s Todd Burns came closest to getting it right when he credited them with “trying to reenergize house music with horns, roses, vodka and a whole lot of vocals.” Greatest Hits does all that and more. The title is deliberately misleading: aside from the opening track, reprised from their first EP, this is all new material, and it’s a deeper, more deviant dOP than you’ve ever heard before. The three musicians aren’t just great showmen.something their drunken live sets amply prove.but also real musicians: before discovering house music, they played rock, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, classical, and African music, and they bring that wealth of knowledge to bear in their quest to turn dance music inside out. So while the record has plenty of slinky funk and dirty grind, it also explores far more diverse moods and grooves, from hot jazz to autumnal, orchestral folk. Some of the richness of Greatest Hits can be credited to Emmanuel d’Orlando, a French composer and arranger known for his work in theater, soundtracks, and with artists like Sebastian Tellier. His arrangements, performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, lend much of the album the darkly cinematic feel of a Sofia Coppola film. Down in their basement studio, the three musicians used virtually every instrument they own.horns, pianino, Chinese flute, harmonica, melodica, cajon, gongs, cuica, analog synthesizers, acoustic drum kit.and many of their friends stopped by to contribute. The acclaimed Calypso drummer Andy Narell plays steelpan drums.
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