Dollar Mambo
Nice Try / ntrycd002

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Dive right in. Into the mesmerizing world of Melodivia. Embark on a journey of many things. Yes. you most certainly will shake your booty on this quest. Incessantly. Perhaps you will wake up in the arms of that woman you always dreamt of. Or you will wind up selling your soul to the devil. who knows? Zurichs Nice Try Records brings you an album that tugs with melodic sentiment. Sumptuous yet fragile. harmonic fragments emanate from meandering hooks. dripping resonant as gruffy bass tones offer glimpses of movement and energy beneath the surface. Just when you started to despair that there would ever emerge a talented house producer from the lake-shores of Montreux. along comes a perfect example. Dollar Mambo? Stephan Perrinjaquet is super-skilled. free of fear. bedazzled with hellish funkiness. or simply the man to convince you that jazz has the last word in the realm of the four-to-the-floor.
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