Routes not roots (CD)
Routes not roots (CD)


DJ Sprinkles pres K-She


Routes not roots (CD)

Skylax 120 CD

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1. down home kami-sakunobe
2. saki-chan (pt.1)
3. hobo - train
4. fuck the down-low
5. b2b
6. stand up
7. black is the color of my true loves hair
8. double secret (dub)
9. saki-chan (pt.2)
10. crosstown
11. head (in my private lounge, my pad)
12. infected

>Routes Not Roots< is the debut album by K-S.H.E (Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion), a project from internationally celebrated producer, label owner and DJ Terre Thaemlitz. K-S.H.E >Routes Not Roots< combines Terre Thaemlitz notorious >Fagjazz< sound with the classic NY Deep House and Cross-over dancefloor sensibility of >DJ Sprinkles Deeperama<. The results are spacious, bass-heavy, epic dance mixes filled with dark humor and harsh realities. As people have come to expect of Thaemlitz releases, >Routes Not Roots< mixes a wide range of social themes such as identity vs. immigrant status, community vs. tranny-on-tranny violence, authenticity vs. cultural decontextualization, openly gay African-American club imagery vs. gay sex on the Down-Low, innocence vs. childhood fantasies of violence, and more. From HIV drug trials to tranny and womens unemployment rates to sexually amorphous Japanese cross-dressers posing as high school girls, K-S.H.E doesnt miss a beat ! >Todays dancefloors are wakes in remembrance of a mythological era of openness that never was. Remember where you were. See where you are.... Im in Kami-Sakunobe.< (K-S.H.E)

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