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Mule Musiq CD 41

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1. braxton holmes - 12 inches of pleasure (rons foreplay)
2. alex danilov - deep s
3. sound mechanix - i cant forget
4. the rhythm slaves - the light you will see (trentemollers deep dub mix)
5. lectroluv - if we try (ambient dub)
6. manoo & françois a - the deep
7. classic man - rapid winds (75 mph mix)
8. understars - forestfunk i (no damkkb mix)
9. gene farris - good feeling
10. the rude awakening - the dip (5am dipsco mix)
11. mymy - everybodys talkin (original mix)
12. choo-ables - hard to get (bts massive groove)
13. fingers inc. - never no more lonely
14. keys & tronics ensemble - calypso of house (paradise version)

DJ Sprinkles ist das Deep House-Alter Ego von Terre Thaemlitz. Terre Thaemlitz ist Multimedia-Produzent, DJ, Theoretiker und Transgender-Aktivist. Bekannt wurde der Amerikaner um die Jahrtausendwende mit einer Reihe hochgeistiger, durch sueffisante Essays begleitete Konzeptalben

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Deep House
Chicago House
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it seems like young people in japan soon can't dance like crazy anymore because of the growing threats of the strange fuzoku law – one of the most surreal in japan's legal system which origins go back to 1948. the law deals with restricting concerning the sale of sex and businesses of similar type. due to the ambiguous way of reading it the law also deals with nightclubs and related establishments that allow customers to dance.

exspecially in the last two years clubs all over japan suffer under the authorities who often strictly enforcing a 1am curfew deducted from an archaic adult entertainment law. instead of moaning and stop dancing mule musiq is ready to raise a protest and comes around with a dj sprinkles mix cd that invites you to groove immediatley. till today dancing is one of the perfect ways for emotional expression, social interaction, and spiritual communication and "where dancefloors stand still" spreads music to whom devoted dancers will love to share all they got to reveal.

who knows better about revealing emotions on the dancefloor then terre thaemlitz - world-wide known writer, public speaker, multimedia producer, dj, audio producer, and head honcho of comatonse recordings. his deep house alias dj sprinkles is beloved since he was originally playing in the gay clubs of midtown manhattan and new jersey in the late eigthies and early nineties - a time when deep house began to take air.

after the sence got famed and landed hard dj sprinkles embarged to japan where he held a three years residency at tokyo's club module from 2003 till 2006. in january 2009 he release his album "midtown 120 blues" that got hailed as one of the most essential house albums of the last few years. whatever nome de plume he choose to spread his thoughts, emotions, and feelings with a rhythm: he always spreads some love for those who got forced into the corner. that's why his new dj mix intents nothing else then to free japan's clubs from the fuzoku law restrictions and to move your hips too.

the mix takes off with a chicago deep house classic from 1992: braxton holmes debut ep "12 inches of pleasure" - here to listen in ron trent's super sweet foreplay mix. his deepness merges gentle into alex danilov's house hug "deep s" taken from the arma 02 compilation ep released in spring 2012.

from then on dj sprinkles dives deep into house science and swings between the decades without loosing the flow. you get hit by classics from the late eigthies and early nineties such as "i can't forget" from sound mechanix, "the dip" by the rude awakening, or legendary trio fingers inc. "never no more lonley".

in between soulful arrangements from the noughties like "forestfunk i" from understars, "everybody's talkin'" by mymy, or "the deep" from manoo & françois a call the tune. what all tracks have in common is a deep musicality and a heartbeat that ease and lift your spirits simulteanously.

the mix grooves with dj sprinkles' trippy mixing signature that playfully melts tracks who are built of flying piano notes, arresting tactile basslines, straight kicking drums, and magnetic layered samples. a deeply cathartic piece of a dj mix that transforms dancing into a ritual in which dancers do rhythmic body painting that amalgamtes the indivual identity into a collective. a condition beyond space and time that should never get threaten by any law. if your dancfloor stands still too - here come about 80 minutes of house deepness that will make him swing again.Ê p.s.: again the album artwork comes from emi winter – an artist from oaxaca/mexiko. for those who still do not know about her: her paintings point the observer towards the glamorous uncertainty of today, like an illusion that appears unexpectedly and is immediately buried by a new sensation. there is anarchy and arbitrariness in her colors and stroke of the brush and she avoids following the rules of painting. an attitude that fits perfectly to the mission which "where dancefloors stand still" tries to accomplish.
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