DJ Gregory
HOUSE MASTERS (2CD. both unmixed)
2cd UK
Defected / HOMAS10CD

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The 10th edition of the House Masters series is honoured to host the Amsterdam residing. French ‘King Of The Beats’ DJ Gregory. Having already featured once on House Masters alongside his French compatriot and musical collaborator Julien Jabre. it was felt that. with such an awesome level of high quality output throughout the years. it was time to revisit DJ Gregory for a solo outing and there was more than enough content to fill this volume.
2 Unmixed CDs

CD1 Productions

01. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto featuring The Serafim Crew 'Paris
Luanda' (Main Mix)
02. DJ Gregory 'Hypnose'
03. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto 'Canoa'
04. DJ Gregory 'Sookoos'
05. DJ Gregory 'The Joburg Theme' (Original)
06. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto featuring Dama Pancha & DJ
Mankila 'Vem Rebola' (Main Acid Mix)
07. DJ Gregory & Nikolai Dimitrov featuring Dama s 'Batucada'
08. DJ Gregory 'S2' (Original)
09. DJ Gregory 'Soldiers'
10. DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson featuring Dama s
'Dama s Salon' (Main Mix)

CD2 Remixed

01. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto 'Canoa' (DJ Chus & David
Herrero Balearica Mix)
02. DJ Gregory 'Tropical Soundclash' (K-Dope Remix)
03. DJ Gregory 'Elle' (Eol Ritual)
04. DJ Gregory 'And' (Rancido's Deep Journey Dub)
05. DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson featuring Dama s
'Dama s Salon' (Loopers Remix)
06. DJ Gregory 'Attend 1' (Yass Remix)
07. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto 'Con Alegria' (Sherry Flavour
Arabic Bellydance Remix)
08. DJ Gregory 'Breeze' (Scandalo Mix)
09. DJ Gregory 'Don't Panic' (Gregory and Karizma Dub)
10. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto featuring The Serafim Crew 'Paris
Luanda' (Franky Rizardo Remix)

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DJ Gregory began his recording career in the late '90s, producing tracks for the labels Basenotic Records and Yellow Productions, before affiliating himself with the celebrated Africanism project and ultimately founding his own label, Faya Combo, in the new millennium.

In 1996 DJ Gregory made his recording debut with a Cerrone Sample, "Take the Cash & Run," on Basenotic Records as Cheesy D. Then he hits the charts with his remix of cheek “Venus” Sunshine People. Throughout the remainder of the decade, he produced additional tracks under a series of monikers -- namely Bobby Ewing, .G, Prassay, Carinhoso Project, and DJ Gregory -- for a variety of labels, most notably Yellow Productions, home of DJ Yellow and Bob Sinclar. In 2000 he began producing tracks as Africanism, a collaborative project on Yellow Productions;

Established as a hit maker, DJ Gregory founded his own label in 2002, Faya Combo, and released "Tropical Soundclash," and "Elle" (2003),. During this same time period, he and Bob Sinclar mixed the double-disc Africanism (2002); plus, he and Julien Jabre produced a series of tracks for Basic Recordings under the Soha moniker. In 2004 Gregory was awarded "MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCER" at the House Music Awards. In subsequent years, DJ Gregory affiliated himself with Defected Records, on which he released Faya Combo Sessions (2008), a three-CD collection of his work (the first disc a DJ mix, the second a compilation of his productions, the third a compilation of productions as remixed by others). Year 2008: Gregory relocates to Amsterdam, now exploring the Dutch club scene and collaborates with Holland’s finest producers . Meanwhile he takes on a couple of projects, travelling back and forth to Brazil and Angola and working with the local artists.

Gregory is without doubt the current king of the House beats and its with this that he is awarded the honour of House Master with a 2 disc package of original productions and those who have remixed his work.

Including the brand new ‘Paris Luanda’, ‘Vem Rebola’, ’Soldiers’ alongside classics such as ‘S2’ and ‘The Jouburg Theme’; CD1 is the roundup of his original productions.

CD2 is a collection of those who have been given the hefty task of re-interpreting Gregory’s trademark beats and remixing his talents. Highlights here include: Kenny Dopes ‘Tropical Soundclash’ remix, Louie Vega’s EOL rework of ‘Elle’ and Karizma’s ‘Dont Panic’ dub.

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