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Inflamable / MIAMICD001

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Drive Music Is Nothing If It Cant Help You Bring Your Dreams To Life. And Dj Cam Has Just Made One Of His Biggest Dreams Come True - Composing A Soundtrack To Miami Vice.
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Cam’s Miami Vice is fourteen visual tracks, an imaginary score that positions itself as the ‘official’ soundtrack just as Hollywood is preparing to film a reboot, following the first movie adaptation in 2005 by the series’ original producer - and now cult director - Michael Mann. “My album is definitely a proposition for them! When I was living in Los Angeles, I met a guy who worked with Michael Mann and he encouraged me to do the project. He understood that it was homage from a real fan… Apart from that, I’d really like people to listen to the album and search out the film. I want them to ask themselves if it really is the soundtrack to a movie…” Miami Vice definitely puts the ‘camera’ back in Cam, making him the first-person view for our cinematic cortex Although strictly unofficial and a pure product of his cinematic mind, this original soundtrack is intrinsically linked to the legendary series: as a feature-length album, a collection of cinematic sequences, his Miami Vice strongly evokes Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs and their investigations set in the sordid underworld of Florida’s jetset. Cam shines a spotlight on the two inspectors from the Miami-Dade vice squad as they infiltrate Colombian cocaine smugglers and face dangerous criminals like those seen in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, the infamous traffickers of the 1980s…
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