12" Vinyl lp US
10 Thirty Records / 10th001-1

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Dibia$e has cemented himself as a producer on the forefront of todays burgeoning beat scene. A product of Watts. CA. Dibiase found his style in his mothers garage banging out beats while playing video games to avoid the strife of the street life - and he continues to grow with each and every release. Originally released on CD/Digital in 2011. Sound Palace has remained an absentee in Dibis vinyl catalog. until now. Throughout the instrumental record. Dibiase shows his incredible ability at crafting spaced out 8 bit Nintendo beats merged with a Dilla-esque smoothness and a South Central twist into a sound wholly his own. From Bakers Dozen to Looney Goons to Schematiks. Dibiases vinyl releases have garnered a reputation for selling out with a quickness. Strictly limited to 500 units and housed in a silk screened 2 color chipboard jacket. Sound Palace enables new fans and enthusiasts alike to add a sure shot to their collection.
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