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>Spatio Temporel< is a diverse and engaging four-track journey through Debruits incredible array of rhythms and influences. Armed with his international thoroughbred synths he takes his beats to Africa via LA. France. Persia and the future. combining African Yoruba. Nigerian Highlife. Persian funk. Congolese electronics. vocoded Ouest-Coast vocals and those vivid synth colours with jack-knifing riddims. booby trapped syncopation and bass heavy collisions. With this summers massive >Lets Post Funk< EP. Debruit generated a raft of support from the global hop-skip-and-dub brothersisterhood. Recently relocated to London. the French Rhythm Wizards second release for Civil Music cements his audio athletic status.
In ‘149 Dalston Airline’ he warms rich synths and modifies the traditional percussion of the West African Yoruba people with funky bass and vocoded synths. In ‘Nigeria What’, the unique Yoruba vocal style gets the treatment alongside more African Highlife-shaped guitar. In ‘KO Debout’, the African variety continues, with reprocessed Congolese Mbira and Kalimba thumb pianos combined with the synths and beats, forging an extreme groove of pulsing zipping bass, while a slalom of bee-swallowing treated vocals make for a unique and unmistakable sound and rhythm. ‘Persian Funk’ is precisely that, with high revving vocals and expanding drums building huge staccatos among the intricate programming and rhythms to create heavy-slow laser-funk with booming middle eastern bop and old school hip hop breaks. It’s the unmistakable sound of bump-funking futuristic old school unsteady bounce-blap for fans of everyone from Madlib to Zapp to Flying Lotus to Fela Kuti. And Debruit. Like ‘Let’s Post Funk’ before it, ‘Spatio Temporel’ arrives dressed in an attention-grabbing 3D sleeve with free glasses, artworked by RainbowMonkey.
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