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Dalindeos new single is another take from their forthcoming album Soundtrack for the Sound Eye.
Dalindèo leader Valtteri Pöyhönen sees the band moving away from their early "Brazilica" influences into a world of sound with increasingly visual connotations. This new 45 introduces again a new side of the sextet as was the case with their previous release, the “Vintage Voyage” EP. The A-side, 'New Creation', is a twisted old school soul tune with great vocals by the Berlin-based singer Bajka. On the B-side you'll have “Another Devil” which mixes Duke Ellington-esque big band sound to twangy guitar and klezmer influences. Dalindèo and Valtteri Pöyhönen step up yet again onto a new level, where their mission is to keep the original spirit of jazz alive. "We want to emphasize our key characteristics: danceable rhythms, strong melodies, and the craftmanship of the Dalindèo line up which is now tighter than ever thanks to extensive gigging."
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