Daedelus - TOUCHTONE

12" Vinyl D
Ninja Tune / ZEN12225

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the main track on the 12inch version is touchtone. which features the rapping talents of paperboy and taz. jimmy edgar strips out the originals psych rock drones and takes it into slowjam territory. kypski speeds things up and neptunes it all to the max. thavius beck slathers the drums in reverb and manages to double up tempos. throw in arcade symphonies and make a miniature epic. also included is far weathered friends which is the death sets take on the daedelus original - a cover version which kicks out the jams whilst channelling the pixies. a short. ecstatic blast. bizarrely it emphasises the melodic strength of the original. not content with one complete rework. the death set lso come up with an electro mix of the original.
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