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1. fogged spacesuit
2. one at a time ft. muhsinah
3. emora
4. dorian concept remix - emora

Somewhere between the past and the distant future, sparked by dusty old jazz records and beat generation hip hop, at the audio cross-roads of Detroit and Vienna, lies a series of sound stories steeping in the head of 23 year old beat navigator Paul Movahedi, also known as The Clonious.
The Adroit Adventures EP is the first of those tales to exit his dome and hit wax. The EP includes a version of >Fogged Spacesuit<, available only on this release, and an exclusive Dorian Concept remix or >Emora<. >Searching in the past always felt like looking in the future for me. The past and the future have the unknown in common, but I hope I also captured the jazz that makes it timeless<, says Movahedi. Check the cosmic vibes on the bouncy >Fogged Spacesuit<, the ideal tune for astronauts on a spacewalk. The equally outerworldly vocalist Muhsinah sings on >One At A Time<, which swells and bumps in a soulful electronic-shoegazer style.

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Hailing from DC, Muhsinah is fresh off tour with Common. And since the hype of her “Daybreak 2.0.” and “The Oscillations: Sine” releases has collaborated with a resume-busting list of producers that include DJ Spinna, Flying Lotus, Nicolay & Phonte (The Foreign Exchange), Om'mas Keith and many more. The angular and mechanical “Emora” appears in steeley original mix and is also remixed courtesy of uber-hot Kindred Spirits artist, Dorian Concept, who gets glitch-happy adding a cheeky bump to the proceedings. Movahedi and Dorian Concept are long-time collaborators, they’re in the Austrian bands JSBL and Teeming Palliation alongside Cid Rim.
The beat generation scene is on fire worldwide, with artists smashing the boundaries of connections between electronic music and hip hop, taking what they know and creating something new. “With every record I have listened to I inhaled a piece of the world,” says Movahedi. “I come from a musical background that is heavily influenced by the jazz era of the late 1950s and 1960s. But a big part of my sound is sampling. Everything I record or produce eventually ends up in a sampler. As I see it the art of sampling comes close to a cloning process. So add my love for sampling with my love for old jazz records and the name The Clonious makes sense...I guess!” he adds.
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