Churchill Stage Band / Alter Ego - SUPERSTITION / BONGO ROCK

Churchill Stage Band / Alter Ego
7" Vinyl UK
Dynamite Soul / ds7017

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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Once again Dynamite Soul delivers the cover version cream. with a double sided funk bomb! Only a small handful of the (very) many Superstition cover versions measure up to the original. but the Churchill Stage Band is a major exception. and one which has only been heard by a few lucky enough to get their hands on the super rare. U.S high school band LP which features this killer take on the Stevie classic! Pounding drums. dope brass section and great vocals are the order of the day here ? dont miss this! On the flip. cover versions of break beat classics are always in demand by collectors. and they dont come much more classic than the Incredible Bongo Bands Bongo Rock ? a staple of the b boy scene since the birth of hip hop in the late 70s. Amazing then to find a previously unknown cover of this very track. and a good one at that! Originating from an obscure Italian session band. this will have beat diggers worldwide bugging out!
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