CIRCA 1990-1993 (4X12 LP BOX + MP3)
CIRCA 1990-1993 (4X12 LP BOX + MP3)


Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf


CIRCA 1990-1993 (4X12 LP BOX + MP3)

Stones Throw

4x12 inch lp box
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1. m-town
2. move
3. cut the play
4. raquel
5. yeahhh
6. pan am
7. charizma what
8. bless you
9. gatha round (its a demo)
10. high school love
11. soon to be large
12. ice cream truck
13. appe juice break
14. devotion (92)
15. scratch n sniff
16. on & on / here s a smirk
17. red light, green light
18. jack the mack
19. talk about a girl
20. the vapors
21. tell you something
22. red light, green light (remix)
23. take it easy
24. fair weathered friend
25. wikki wikki
26. pacin the floor
27. methods
28. keep on rockin it
29. devotion 93
30. it s trendy
31. my world premiere
32. home turf
33. just like a test
34. that s word
35. live in 92 at the dna lounge
36. live in 92 on mystic television
37. live in 93 on the wake up show
38. top notch competitor
39. wreckin shoppin for 8 tracks
40. the countdown

Peanut Butter Wolf curated this 4LP box set to commemorate the late MC, Charizma and the collection of works they created between 1990-1993. The anthology includes rare, classic and unreleased tracks that makes up eight sides of vinyl, along with never before seen photos and ephemera. This will not be released on CD. Many of these tracks were also released on the album Big Shots (2003) which is currently running out of print.

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4x12 Inch LP Box
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