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Nach zahlreichen Alben für Parov Stelars Etage Noir Label in Österreich. kehrt Cayetano wieder zurück in seine griechische Heimat und veröffentlicht mit Once Sometime sein neues Album auf Klik. Die 13 Tracks sind wieder eine vitale Mixtur aus Trip Hop. Dub. Breaks. Jazz. Dubstep und jeder Menge Soul. Die CD enthält zusätzlich exklusiv sein 2006er Album Focused als Bonus.
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Its been almost two years since 2010, when Cayetano returned to his motherland (Greece) physically and musically with “Back Home” after years traveling around the world, performing and releasing his work through Parov Stelar’s Etage Noir label. This period seems too small for all these that have taken place worldwide in general but especially in Greece. In an uncertain and socially troubled environment, where economic recession is an every day’s fear (and which would be better circumstances for romance and artistic creativity?), his new album “Once Sometime” is here to state that being stuck is no kind of solution. In a time when everything is all but ideal, he seeks and discovers the antidote to all this anger that comes from the streets. Cayetano gathered a “Dream Team” or better said his “Dream Team” of musicians, and each one of them gave his best into what resulted as “Once Sometime". Firstly great friends and then amazing collaborators, managed to give a unique freshness and optimism to the final project. All working for him but actually with him, a team that for the last couple of years have traveled numerous miles, performed in numerous venues, saw changes in it ’s members, blended together and when finally the time was right, created a project that has no thing to be jealous of. With a 400 mile distance between him and the band, the whole procedure would not be the easiest thing in the world. Full instrumentation in Cayetano ’s studio in Athens, then the band takes over and changes the sounds with the physical instruments in Thessaloniki and back to Athens again for the final mix. Only bound friends and great professionals like them could make this sound so easy. The mix is over, here comes mastering. Enrico Mercaldi ’s magic ears help the project to reach the stars for one more time and “Once Sometime” is ready…… …….. And now the magic begins. “Tower Of Power", the intro or better a summary of the album.
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