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Luminous. Poetic And Radical. C.a.r. Is The Solo Project Of Chloe Raunet. Singer Of Former London Coldwave Band Battant. She Now Writes. Composes And Produces On Her Own. Her First Ep Laika (remixed By Timothy J. Fairplay. Krikor And Discodeine) Is Cosmic Pop At Its Best.
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She also collaborates: the vocals and lyrics on Gessafelstein's debut album 'Aleph' were hers and she is currently working with Ivan Smagghe, Red Axes & Manfredas on some leftfield dance-ish tracks.

C.A.R's first album will be released October 27th on Kill The DJ records. As a teaser, the already cult 'Idle Eyes ' will be release as digital on sept 29th, remixed by Roman Flugel, Benedikt Frey, Manfredas, Planningtorock & Rroxymore.

About "spitfire" a track from the album: "I know for a fact 'Spitfire' will be one of my favourite tracks of the year. Bittersweet pop music from the future haunted by ghosts from the past." - Andrew Weatherall

Earlier this year, she supported Gesaffelstein on his European tour. She's played with Planningtorock, Trans, Robolledo and has opened for Cat Power at the Paris Olympia. C.A.R.'s music has been picked up by Hermes and the Hyeres Fashion Festival, where she joined Jaakko Eino Kalveli & Chloe Howl; Vogue Magazine making a cover-mount cd of their music. As one half of Latete Atoto, C.A.R. also has a fortnightly show on London's uber-cool, ICA linked NTS Radio & plays records at the Ace Hotel.

Her universe is a red-hot & cold paradox, a battered dodge supercharger finding its way between clair-obscur allegories and the cold sensuality of melancholy. Electronic experiments are backed with ghostly punk bass lines, icy synths balanced on heartbeat drums. As with her almost short story-like lyrics, C.A.R's music sits on her own edge, between realism and dreams, pure pop and acquired taste.

Not a bad place to be, not a bad place to meet.
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