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>If archetypal rock music claims -Satisfaction- then the rhythmachine requieres emotion< wrote Kodwo Eshun in his 1998 book >More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction.< Today. almost ten years later. his theory is still correct. and it shows that his idea is explosive when the rhythmachine is programmed against the common sense. Steven Ford aka Bruno Pronsato knows all of this. because he knows rock music and its creative dead end street. He knows because he played in several rock bands in his hometown of Seattle. trying time and again to play the same songs. and the same rhythms in new ways. But thats a long time ago. Now. more than five years later. he generates music via synthezisers and computers - emotional rhythms far beyond any kind of cliché. His new longplayer >Why cant we be like us< embodies his old passion for playing the drums as well as his addiction to ones and zeros. Instead of creating streamlined minimal. he has more of an abstract sound on his mind - one that lives on a dark. organic and percussive note. Nothing really new. he has always been unpredictable and funky with an organic twist between the beats. His tracks often rely on devious turns. flickering sounds. warm basslines and some free riding vocals. They still do. but more importantly now. they are more musical. more space filling and above all. much more percussive. His intention here is to provide you with a long player- not a compilation of danceable clubtracks. He wants to tell a story and he does it with nine long. grooving compositions that are full of rhythms that twist around bubbling sounds that seem to launch out of his very own inner space: sometimes a piano melody is dancing in space. then an undefinable vibrancy chirps out of the background. and in the next moment some unheared buzzing sighs in time and space. The only real red threat you can feel deeply is a soulful climax towards the last track >Why Cant We Be Like Us<.
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